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lockout tagout procedure software

Key Features

  • Dynamic dashboard that gives you a full overview of LOTO procedure process.
  • Choose from a variety of simple templates to build OSHA and ANSI compliant procedures.
  • Upload images of equipment, isolation points and solutions with each step.
  • Image editor to highlight key points.
  • Utilise drop down menus to populate isolation details like hazards, energy sources, LOTO devices etc.
  • Customisable form fields and workflows.
  • Automatic energy tag creation.
  • Access anything from anywhere at any time (On any web browser).
  • Set user settings (Admin, Creator and Read-only permission levels).
  • Use powerful KPIs like number of procedures created, number of procedures approved for taking data-driven decisions.
  • Author all procedures in a clear, concise and standardised manner.
  • All data is stored digitally by E-Square in the cloud; no software installation and automatic updates.
  • Store, access and organise procedures digitally in one centralised cloud location.
  • Email notifications and reminders.
  • All data is protected by Google Cloud’s secure-by-design infrastructure; ISO 27001 compliant.
  • Subscription packages for organisations of all sizes.
  • Includes 1 hour training session with each subscription.
  • Reliable records - Route the procedures to Admin for review and approval.
  • Get downloadable print-ready procedures in PDF format.
  • Audit management - consistently track procedure with audit dates printed on each procedure.

Top Benefits

save money with loto software

Save Money

With the support of advanced technology, we can now create LOTO procedures at one-third (1/3) the cost of a manual procedure.

lockout tagout workplace safety

Safer Workplace

Easily create, store and communicate accurate and transparent instructions to worker with standardised procedures.

lockout tagout compliance

Ensure Legal Compliance

Create OSHA & ANSI compliant procedures. Eliminate the costs of non-compliance, including penalties and reputational damage.

cloud based loto software

Virtual Filing Cabinet

LOTO procedures are stored in a central and secure cloud-based system that’s easily accessible for employees.

increase efficiency with lockout tagout software

Maximise Time Efficiency

Save time in different stages of lockout management. Increase operational intelligence with quality and consistent procedures.

lockout tagout audit

Audit Management

Consistently track the reliability of each procedure with annual audit date stamps at the bottom of each procedure.

Ready to transform your LOTO procedures?

We offer multiple affordable LOTO MSP Software subscription plans for every size business. Choose the best plan for your business and START NOW!

Get your LOTO procedure ready
in 4 simple steps!

lockout tagout msp procedure


Capture, attach and upload digital images of relevant hazardous energy sources into the software.



Choose your layout, accurately fill in all relevant equipment information, and select the correct LOTO device.



Once created, the procedure is ready to be reviewed and approved by a competent person.



After approval, your LOTO MSP PDF is ready to be printed and posted near the machine or equipment.

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